komPOST #14 [D. Podlyashetska, D. Kovach]

Zwei künstlerische Positionen aus der Ukraine haben in der komPOST-Maiausgabe ihren Platz gefunden. Dzvinya Podlyashetska und Danylo Kovach leben derzeit in Wien und Tirol.

Wild Beast

/ Dzvinya Podlyashetska, 2022

145x125cm, canvas, acrylic, oil pastels


/ Danylo Kovach, 2021

2021 Stickers collected from many different European cities,
glued together,
created a symbiosis of incompatible history

Love in the Time of War

/ Dzvinya Podlyashetska, 2022

50x65cm, paper, acrylic, oil pastels

„Гуцулка“ / The Hutsulka 

/ Danylo Kovach, 2021

The Hutsulka (Гyцyлкa) is a popular Ukrainian folk dance from southwestern Ukraine. It is performed by amateurs, professional Ukrainian dance ensembles and other performers of folk dances. This dance is performed at every Hutsul wedding to this day. Parents teach even very young children how to dance to keep old traditions going, because it’s a huge part of Hutsul culture.

Go Boy

/ Dzvinya Podlyashetska, 2022

90x70cm, canvas, acrylic, oil pastels


Dzvinya Podlyashetska

born 1994 in Lviv, Ukraine / My artistic practice is centered around expressive paintings and works on paper composed on the foundation of a great interest in mental health, human interactions and emotions. I’ve always been an artist who takes inspiration from the inside. I experience each of my paintings and try to convey my feelings and emotions. The inspiration comes to me from both small everyday moments and large existential and political issues. Her works of art are manifestations and representations of life, portrayed in a colorful and sarcastic way with a constant presence of ambiguity: The complicated and the easy, the tragic and the funny. My work has a great deal of violence and anger but it is conveyed in a comic and colorful way as if to deflect or rob some of the power of the cruelty that you see around. I just show in my paintings how life and society impact our lives, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a very bad way. For me it is important to see light during dark days, I always try to find it, that’s why I paint with bright paint dark things.

@dzvinya_studio | dzvinya.com

Danylo Kovach

born in 1992 in Zaporizhia, Ukraine / He is a young Ukrainian artist working in the field of graphics, painting, installation and performance. His work is an intensification of the development of performative and installation practices in Ukrainian creative centres, which consistently demonstrates the appeal to current socio-cultural issues. The works are an example of this phenomenon and at the same time reveal a comprehensive approach to the theoretical and practical component. Attention to various aspects of visual expressiveness. The Artist works in Lviv and Uzhgorod.


photo: Dachsbau

From April-May 2022, Danylo Kovach was Residency-Artist in Tyrol, supported by Artists at Risk (AR)-Ukraine Solidarity Team.

During his stay he exhibited some of his works at Ferdinandeum (Tiroler Landesmuseen) and painted a mural for the club Dachsbau in Innsbruck.

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